Top 5 Eyebrow Makeovers

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I LOVE eyebrow makeovers so I thought I would throw together my favourite makeovers that really show off the power of microblading and how it completely changed the appearance of these 5 clients




  1. With this client I added back some natural hairstokes to the ends of these beautiful brows for a natural look. As you can see, the colour matches so well with her natural brows, itโ€™s hard to tell what has been tattooed and what hasnโ€™t.


  1. This natural blonde lost a lot of her eyebrow shape because her hair was so fair.
    This is especially the case when clients spend a lot of time in the sun. The natural hairstrokes of the tattoo look so fantastic you are barely be able to tell it isn’t real. And the warmer colour choice really brings out the green in her eyes.


  1. How amazing do these look?! Adding the hairstrokes behind where the natural brows sit gives such definition without looking over the top. The biggest feedback we got from this client was that she no-longer had to fill in her eyebrows every day. She can just wake up and go (which means extra time to sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰)



  1. Does this look familiar? Over plucked brows?
    We see so many over plucked brows that just need a total makeover. These brows are the perfect example of how natural microblading can look even with previous over-plucking.
    As you can see with all of the tattoo’s on this list we have followed the hair grow of the natural brow to keep the tattoo looking as natural as possible. This makeover gave the client the width and defined arch she was looking for to shape her eyes BEAUTIFULLY ๐Ÿ˜











TA-DA now for our FAVOURITE brow makeover ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  1. As you can see, these brows, at first glance, bring so much shape back to the face, and really draw attention to the eyes. We added a few hair strokes to add depth and colour without over doing the lines to give a very natural look. The cooler colour choice really enhances the blue in those stunning eyes
    This is our favourite makeover because of the way this client reacted when she saw the final result. She, I kid you not, leaped out of the room and skipped around the salon. It was the best reaction I could have ever hoped for.


So what did you think about our top 5 list?

Which one is your favourite?
Are you looking at these brows thinking, ‘I’d love to be on the next top 5 list‘?

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