Feather Touch Brows for Grey Hair

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Cosmetic tattooing is considered a ‘semi-permanent’ procedure as the pigment in the skin tends to fade considerably over 1-2 years, which is why it is suggested to get a retouch every 12-18 months to keep the sharpness and depth of your tattoo.
This means that as your hair colour changes and starts to show some grey, you can get your tattoo re-touched with lighter colours to help blend your natural hairs.

Alternatively, if you are already mostly grey and wish to get your brows tattooed, there are a range of different colours to choose from and we customize the colour to suit your hair.

For anyone coming in for their Feather Touch Brow procedure, we always suggest wearing your brows powdered for you first appointment so we can assess how you like to wear them, and bring any photo references of shapes you like. Always remember to think about:

What you DON’T like

The whole process takes no longer than 2hrs from when you walk in to when you walk out. In the first hour we apply an antiseptic cream that helps numb the skin before the procedure. After 20minutes the cream is removed and we draw on your brows and make sure they are symmetrical and perfectly aligned, this process can be the longest as they have to be just right. You are then asked to check and finalize the design to make sure you are happy with the shape.

After we start tattooing we can put on ‘the good stuff’, which is the stronger antiseptic gel that helps sooth any pain and makes for a more comfortable procedure.

The whole process takes two sittings, one is for the initial colour and shape, and the second perfecting session is to sharpen and add depth.
Please note: we do not shave off your eyebrows unless ABSOLUTELY necessary due to misshapen and unevenness.

In the 1st session
We pack in quite a few hair strokes to develop a subtle background colour behind the natural hairs that will fade to a beautiful colour that is half a shade lighter than your natural hairs. If you are already quite grey this colour may simply be a dark blonde or light brown.

In the 2nd Perfecting session (4 weeks after your 1st session)
We add only a few lighter hair strokes again that are similar to your hair to break up the background colour and to seamlessly blend in your natural brow with the feather stokes.

*Please note that the first two sessions are included in the price and please allow 2 hrs for both procedures.
*Procedures are booked 4 weeks apart so the colour can fully develop in the skin
*Please note colours come in all different shades and we do cater for blondes

Post Treatment
After the tattooing process your brows will look and feel very dark, however this should not deter you. Brows will lose up to 40% colour within the first 4 days and take a full 4 weeks for the colour to set in and develop.

Most of our clients are very taken back by how dark their eyebrows appear after the tattooing process but fall in love over the following two days.

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